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Tips for the correct maintenance and conservation of your jewelry

In our collection, you will find unique jewelry made by hand with a variety of materials that require specific care for conservation. We offer you some essential tips so that your accessories maintain their original splendor. We also encourage you to visit one of our authorized points of sale at least once a year for a professional cleaning service:

Silver plated jewelry:

Pure silver can change color and darken when exposed to air and sunlight, or even vary depending on the Ph of each person’s skin. We recommend cleaning this jewelry with a delicate cloth or using a gentle silver-specific cleaner, avoiding abrasive products that may cause damage.

Some tips for cleaning blackened silver:

  • Never use chemicals, gold cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners or products with ammonia.
  • “Magic cottons” for silver/alpaca can be used on jewelry with a shiny finish, but not with other textures because they can be damaged. After using the cotton, you should clean the jewelry with soap and water to remove any traces of chemical residue that could damage it.
  • Cleaning silver with baking soda and a cloth is a good option for jewelry with matte finishes, sand, ice… but not for jewelry with a shiny finish because it is an abrasive product and scratches the surface, leaving it matte..


Never use bleach, whiteners, chlorine, degreasers, cleaners or anti-limescale products, as they damage the metal and finishes and can permanently discolor your jewelry.

Gold plated jewelry:

To maintain the shine and good appearance of these jewels, we recommend rubbing them gently with a cotton cloth regularly (every week). If the jewelry is very dirty, you can moisten the cloth in warm water mixed with neutral soap. After cleaning, be sure to dry the piece completely with a soft cloth or absorbent paper. Pay special attention to the care of items such as leather and gems or crystals, as they may require additional care.

Leather care:

For the leather parts of your jewelry, choose to use a mild soap or moisturizer without artificial fragrances or colorants.

Resin care:

To maintain the shine on the resin elements of your jewelry, we recommend using a soft cloth.

Cleaning windows and glass:

Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the crystal or glass parts of your jewelry.

Jewelry storage:

To preserve your jewelry in the best condition, store it in separate bags, in its original packaging or inside a closed box to protect it from air, direct light and humidity, thus avoiding premature deterioration.

It is crucial to remember that the pH of the skin and contact with certain substances can considerably affect your jewelry. Therefore, we recommend avoiding direct contact with perfumes, cosmetics or cleaning products. Additionally, it is prudent to remove jewelry when showering, engaging in strenuous physical activity, or swimming in the sea or chlorinated pools, to preserve its original condition for as long as possible.

And remember

Damage to our jewelry caused by improper handling or use will result in the cancellation of your warranty.