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The purpose

In 2017 we started a journey with the purpose of creating a brand that transcends the boundaries of goldsmithing.

We believe in goldsmithing as a means of expression, creating collections and quality pieces that are conceived to become silent narrators of your story.


Tralará was born in Montanejos, a village of 500 inhabitants in the province of Castellón, surrounded by nature.

From our workshop we bring vitality generating employment in the local economy. Each of the pieces that comes to life in our hands, represents a living testimony of how creativity and craftsmanship can weave threads of prosperity in such endearing rural places.

Design and craftsmanship

Transmitting a feeling, an emotion is something timeless, it does not understand fashions and trends. This philosophy, together with the privileged environment that Montanejos provides us, is the basis of our inspiration to create our collections.

The essence of our designs is their traditional manufacture, and it is thanks to our team of craftsmen that we can ensure the quality and uniqueness of each creation.

We create collections annually that include a wide range of colors, materials and finishes. In this way, Tralará pieces are fun, versatile and adapt to you and your emotions in every moment of your life.

We consider them to be faithful companions and therefore, to ensure that they last, are of quality, elegant and have attitude, they are carved and polished with care, paying special attention to every detail.

Our commitment

In our workshop we are committed to creating collections through ethical and sustainable practices that generate positive impact on the goldsmith industry.

We reduce the environmental impact and promote the circular economy, designing timeless and quality pieces that last over passing trends. In addition, our suppliers are exclusively from Spain, except for the crystal, which is Italian.

Thanks to the Tralará family we are part of the development of the rural economy, so we aspire to be a reference for many other brands of rural origin to whom we encourage to grow with the same commitment.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us