Tra-la-rá  was born in september 2014 as an exciting project, crafted with care by a family-run business. The idea was to bring something new to the market: stand-out designs that would be both quirky and playful while combining a style of their own with the contemporary.

All of our artisanal products are designed and created one-by-one, with materials of the highest quality that are exclusively ¨MADE IN SPAIN¨.High-quality jewelry designed and created in Montanejos with a commitment to traditional methods at its heart.

We are situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by mountains, trees and termal baths, and in this lies the inspiration for our pieces: we strive to reflect the nature which surrounds us. As the processes of design and creation take place in a rural environment, we haven´t made life easy for ourselves.

Tra-la-rá is like a family, with the whole team committed to our high standards: we don´t want to be ¨just another jewellery brand¨ we want to work only with those who reflect the Tra-la-rá  spirit.

The pieces are not assembled in far-flung countries: rather, everything is created and essembled in our workshop in Montanejos by skilled individuals, meaning that every item is unique- at their heart, however, all contain a bit of us.

Here at Tra-la-rá, we aren´t content to simply create unique pieces: every single piece of jewellery forms part of a complete collection, with infinite conbinations. This possibility make the pieces both special and personal: you, as the consumer, can choose between metal alloys, plated with gold or silver, before combining them with a wide variety of crystals, resins and pearls. Furthermore, each collection is amplified by the availability of leathers of different hues.

When taken together, this means that very soul of Tra-la-rá is timeless: our creations can be enjoyed in day-to-day life or preserved for the most special of occasions.

¡Pero qué guap@ estas!

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Fuente de los Baños Montanejos

With the commitment of the rural environment in the heart.

We are in a privileged area with high natural value, surrounded by nature, mountains, trees and hot springs, which inspires us to create pieces that reflect the nature that surrounds us.

By designing and producing in a rural environment, we create work in an unfavorable area.