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This recent weekend, from February 8 to 11, we had the privilege of participating in the outstanding Bisutex fair in Madrid, an event that has established itself as the most relevant meeting point in Spain for professionals in the jewelry and jewelry sector. The jewelry. Tralará, faithful to its commitment to innovation and excellence, could not miss this significant event.

Our stand, a space designed for interaction and presentation of our most recent creations, became the heart of numerous visits and meetings. Throughout these intense and rewarding days, we had the opportunity to receive a wide variety of visitors and clients. With them, we not only share our catalog of new products, but we also exchange visions, experiences and, above all, truly enriching moments.

Participating in Bisutex goes beyond simple exhibition; It is an experience that allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the pulse of the industry. It is the perfect setting to capture future trends in design, thus allowing us to always be at the forefront. In addition, it gives us the invaluable opportunity to stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the sector, ensuring that Tralará continues to lead the way in creating pieces that are not only jewelry, but true works of art.

Our participation in the fair has once again been a rewarding and profitable experience. We leave with a suitcase full of inspiration, new contacts and, of course, the confirmation that we will continue to be a reference in the world of professional costume jewelry and jewelry. We are already counting the days until the next meeting, where we will continue sharing our passion with the world.